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I love hippy skirts. Skirts that are long, tie died, and gathered with a draw string to fit pactically anyone are simply great. I wear them all summer, but occasionally I want the freedom of pants. This instructable will teach you how to create comfy and deceptively skirt-like pants.

Materials needed -
long skirt
scissors, pins, sewing machine

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Step 1: Lay Out the Skirt

Lay the skirt out on a hard surface. If it is a draw string skirt, pull the waist out to its maximum width. Pull the sides of the skirt out to minimize folds in the fabric. Center the skirt and make the fabric as straight and smooth as possible. Carefully lift up the top layer of fabric to ensure that the back of the skirt is also centered, straight, and smooth.

If your skirt has a wrinkled texture like the one in the picture, do not try to smooth out the wrinkles becauase that would make the pant legs huge!  

Step 2: Cut

Starting at the bottom, slowly and carefully cut up the middle. Becuase these pants will look like a skirt, you don't want to make the legs go too high. The crotch of the pair I made is about mid thigh. Since the seat and the front of the pants will be roomy you don't need to worry about making the back side bigger to accomodate sitting.

Step 3: Sew

Flip the pants inside out and pin the front and back of ech leg together. Now, sew up the legs.

Step 4: Enjoy

See the pictures for how it looks like a skirt while standing (sorry about the fuzzy qauality, I'll post better ones when someone can take my picture). Because the legs are so loose and the draw string gives allowance in the waist these pants will fit a variety of sizes.

Enjoy your new summer pants in all their beauty and freedom of movement!

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    17 Discussions

    pdehart torres

    3 years ago

    I have to gp thrift store shopping for big frilly pants now and make these! Every wide leg pant or boho pant i have tried on seem to be made for super tiny waisted people_!


    4 years ago

    Love those! They are super groovy


    6 years ago on Step 4

    Really cute idea. I'll have to watch the resale shops for a crinkly skirt. Thanks.

    1 reply

    6 years ago on Introduction

    Where did you buy these 'pants' ? How much did they cost? Do you know if you can buy them online???


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Aweome instructable! I might have to try this for my daughter. She loves flowy dresses but she plays like a tom-boy so she needs some pants!

    1 reply