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The tutorial will guide you in making these lovely, eye-catching bohemian pom-poms

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Step 1: Supplies

Gather your supplies. For these boho candies I recommend you use materials with different textures. Combine chunky yarn with thin mohair or sport yarn. Add ribbons both sateen and crocheted. I included elastic lace, some velvet, jersey strips... everything I could think of that would make it even more textured and rich. And of course - we shouldn't forget the pompom maker.

Step 2: Making the Pom-pom 1

For the pompom in this tutorial I used 3 different sizes of yarn (in orange, beige and burgundy), an elastic lace ribbon, sateen ribbon and crocheted (lace) ribbon.

You can make a note which material is going to go first, second, etc. or work on a whim. I promise the effect will be equally attractive - you simply cannot go wrong.
1. I like starting with chunky yarn (although the one in the picture changes into a thread and gets chunky again after a few wraps). Wrap the yarn a couple of times. Cut it off at the upper side.

2. Add new yarn, preferably thinner (or thicker) than the first one. Cut it off as before. The number of wraps depends on you.

3. Add a sateen ribbon (all through the maker or just in a single spot). Cut it off.

4. Add elastic lace ribbon - repeat as in 3 above.

5. Wrap yarn (whichever you like) to cover the lace and ribbon nicely and

6. Wrap the crochet ribbon.

Step 3: Finishing the Pom-pom

7. Cover it with a chunky yarn to finish it off.

8. Work the other side too.

9 -10 Cut it open (both sides)

11. Tie a strong knot. I usually use a long thread and wrap / tie around it a couple of times so that the yarns / other materials do not budge.

12. When it is done, trim it. And that is it!

Step 4: Use Them As Decoration

You can use these as decoration, to make a garland, attach to pillows, blankets or scarves!

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    Question 1 year ago on Step 1

    Hi. Can you tell me where to buy the pom pom maker?