Boiler Thermostat

Introduction: Boiler Thermostat

A programmable boiler thermostat with touchscreen display using a bistable relè and ATMEGA328P

Step 1: The PCB ..

Great PCBWay ! I am really impressed !!

The PCB is perfect, I received the PCB in only 8 days !! PCB 2 layers FR4 1.6 85x65 mm RoHS compliant Lead Free Lets try it....

Step 2: PCB Details

Step 3: From Test Board to Pcb

Step 4: Mounting the Power Supply Section and Display Headers

Step 5: Soldering All Components

Step 6: Placing the Display on the Bottom Side

Step 7: ...and Power on !

Step 8: Mounted

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    5 years ago

    ... so what is this Instructable?