Bolt Bracelet




Made from M6 x 16mm stainless hex head bolts and some M6 stainless nuts

You will require at least 10 bolts, depending on your wrist size.

4 nuts.




Drill & drill bits (Pillar drill recommended)

Hammer & centre punch

Step 1: Drill the Holes in Bolts

Centre punch all the bolts in the middle of the threaded end.

Drilled out using a 3mm drill bit with plenty of cutting fluid.

Step 2: Clasp

Weld two nuts on the head of a bolt. I used another bolt to wind the nuts together straight and so the threads align properly. Make sure you can wind a bolt down both nuts.

I also cut the threads back in half on the bolt.

Another bolt will have a nut on as a locking nut.

Step 3: String

Tie a knot on one end and slide the Female part of the clasp on first, nut side first.

Slide all the bolts on and tie a knot the other end.

Step 4: Done

The bolt should freely spin and tighten up into the nuts. Use the locking nut to help stop the bolt coming loose.

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    4 years ago

    I have drilled bolts like this before (for my 3d printer) and it can be tricky to keep the hole centered and not have it veer off especially if using a small drill bit. Putting the bolt in the chuck and holding the drill bit with vice grips helps a lot. I had doubts when I first read about the technique but after 2 failed attempts drilling a 1/8" hole trough a 1/4" bolt I tried it and it works.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Doubles as a zombie-fighting tool during the zom-pocalypse, right? :)