Bolt Action Knex Gun




this is a small basic knex gun that has some never before seen features.
it is bolt action with a (i call it a percussion cap) that when struck by the ram it will shoot whatever
is in the barrel out with force

Step 1: Parts List

you will need these parts to make this gun

16 gray pieces
5 orange pieces
2 yellow pieces
1 lime green piece
1 knex hand
1 blue rod
1 yellow rod
1 black rod
and the elastic/s of your choice

Step 2: Make the Barrel

start by attaching one orange piece to the end of the black rod and then add 8 gray pieces right behind the orange piece. next take one gray piece and turn it sideways and attach it.
now put the knex hand in the end of the barrel and attach the lime green piece and a gray
piece right after it.

Step 3: Make Hand Hold and Trigger

start by attaching one orange piece just like the other gray piece in the last step.
next take 2 gray peices and attach them behind the hand hold. after that take a orange piece a slide it down the black rod to the gray pieces then attach a gray piece behind the trigger.

Step 4: Make the Ram

take the yellow rod and put a orange piece on one end and attach a gray piece infront of it

Step 5: Make Rear Sight and Slide

take the half finished gun and add one more gray piece to the other gray piece behind the trigger.
then take 1 yellow piece and attach on the bottom of the gun and add a orange piece behind it.
take another yellow piece and a gray piece and clip them each other. take this piece and attach it to the black rod

Step 6: Insert Ram Into Gun

slide the ram into the back of the gun

Step 7: Add Elastics

add the elastics as shown in the picture

Step 8: Add Slide Elastic

wrap elastic around this area. go to next step for next picture

Step 9: Slide Elastic Part 2

now loop the elastic around the front of the gun and wrap around the gray piece thats in front of the hand hold

Step 10: Done

there you made it and now you can fire it.

pull the slide back like this
and put something in the barrel and pull the trigger



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    50 Discussions

    im looking for a cool, reliable, durable, gun that can shoot far where do i look?


    9 years ago on Introduction

    ok, instead of that y peice, use a socket joint peice, it works better

    pigs are fat

    12 years ago on Introduction

    are you guys insane i made a gun that shoots 350ft and its fully auto shoots around 10 per second and holds 70 ammo and it injured my hand from 10 meters away i might post soon

    11 replies

    12 years ago

    one thing i forgot is this is my first instructable. check out step 5 and 10 to see the bolt action. this is really all i can make at the time as all my box's of knex are in storage becuse i'm moving

    3 replies

    Reply 12 years ago

    i saw the video, there was no bolt action.


    Reply 12 years ago

    u pull back the yellow piece with the grey piece in it and thei that piece slams back forward wen u let go, look closely at the video.