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Yes!! School is out for the holiday season so it's time to start posting what I've been working on all winter! I thought I'd start off by introducing my two cold weather concepts, Bolt: a bolt action knex gun with removable yellow rod magazines; and CCC (Compact Competitor Concept): a folding handgun. 

Bolt is a very reliable bolt action knex gun. I built it mainly to learn how bolt action works and so I can get some experience for when I try building project Thunderbolt (pump bolt action). It's has a great range of over 40ft and the magazines are topped meaning you can have preloaded magazines ready to go during a knex war. The only flaw with the gun is the pin design which doesn't have a guide like I wanted it to, so it can't take to much tension...

CCC Compact Competitor Concept was a gun I built about a week ago. I wanted a hand gun with a folding handle but didn't really want to make it too FNG-9 like, but at the same time when a gun folds FNG does come to mind. The folding mech for the gun works great, and the pin can be pulled even if the gun is folded allowing the magazine to be inserted or removed. The firing mech is a knock-off of the mech used in Competitor AR, simple and effective, although it does use a broken piece. Range varys somewhat on this gun mainly due to the mag placement, but it's an easy fix I haven't gotten around to doing yet.

Anyway that's been mainly what I've been working on during my extremely long stretch of inactivity, and I'm sorry I haven't got a lot of stuff posted yet. I plan to get as much stuff as I can posted before Christmas. I also apologize for the lack of a video with this ible' but Mrs. Samsung Galaxy refuses to talk to Farmer Dell about where those video I took went.... Oh well Farmer Dell and Cam Kodiak are best friends so I'll just need to take the videos with my camera instead of my phone.

Alright, so enjoy my pictures and feel free to comment about what you think! Thanks =D  JonnyBGood




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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Sure I'll get the pics of the mag up by 10:30 central time. Sounds good!

    Thanks! I hope you had a great holiday. I will be getting a video this week. It's finally slowing down at work so I'll get to it.

    It really is good to "see you" posting again! I wasn't sure when we would see Bolt appear... =D
    Because I know you like honest, kind criticism, I just wanted to go over the two guns you have here... just in the case that you are planning to post them or edit them further.

    Overall, it appears much more original than Declaration. The bolt handle looks really comfy, and the body looks like it would suit a CQC K'NEX war just fine. But with that size of body, I see a few problems.
    First off, the handle does not look like it is in a comfortable position, considering how close it is to the stock. This might just be personal preference, but I think that most of us K'NEXers understand the importance of a good distance between the back of the grip and a front area of the stock.
    Secondly, the pistol grip / handle looks kinda empty and unfinished. I would suggest that you make it more uniform and sturdy in appear (and in reality). Essential, fill it out.
    Third and lastly, I would fill out the magazine more, as I said about the handle, make it look more uniform. Oh, and don't you want to use an IMP (internally magazine pusher), instead of an EMP (external magazine pusher)? It would be super easy to change... I think...?

    Overall, it utilizes a really cool idea, but it looks kinda messy. I would just clean it up as much as possible, I.E. remove as many of the bumps and weird edges around the main body as possible.
    Also, isn't the pin-pull kinda short (pin-pull meaning the distance from the main body and the far end of the firing pin). Pin-pull give extra distance to the projectile if the banding a mech placement are correct.

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    Well that makes two of us happy to see me posting again. =D Great to have some time for things other than school! Anyway both of these guns together pretty quickly so quality isn't the best and I deffinitly agree with that. Bolt is kind of a gun that I built to look generic, don't know why, but a box shape sounded good at the time. (Really funny fact I acctually considered combining Bolt and CCC into one gun, so a folding bolt action. That being siad that was a little harder than I wanted to make it.)
    CCC was just an idea I wanted to throw out there. It's a folding gun that isn't an fng9 so yeah not really a concept behind it.
    Both are alright though I just need more time to refine appearance.

    Yup, and I can understand your situation. I myself can understand working on a build progressively. You thought about combining Bolt and CCC...? Wow, that actually might have been boss...

    Yeah it would have been boss. The image in my mind was a long FNG9 with a long rifle barrel. I decided not to make it that because I wanted to try one concept at a time.

    Oh I also may share with you some sneak peaks at my newest art gun (since the springbreaker in the forums). It's a rifle that features preloadable horizontal magazines and functions a lot like the kinetic rifle (if I am remembering the video right). I'll show you the pics after I finally post the 107 for askat.

    Ahhh... unfortunately no. It's just not my style. But, I did build a small one once just to enjoy your lift I built.

    I actually built a Coin operated Vending machine.

    You've done good, Jonny; you took two great ideas and applied your own style to them. You are one of the very few K'nexers with their own, unique building style and the results are very prettiful (not a word, I know, but I like the sound of it). One of my regrets is that I never built your ZIP II when I had my K'nex. Oh well. Anyways, you did a really nice job! :P