Bolt Repeating Slingshot Update and Pictures Ft. Bonus Idea



Introduction: Bolt Repeating Slingshot Update and Pictures Ft. Bonus Idea

Its been a while, but I posted this this concept back in December, and I've finally reached a point where I'm happy to release what I've got now! So, improvements. There is no longer a mag-pusher hanging out the gun's rear end, and the mag is removable. That's cool. Sadly, as of now, it can only hold 2 ammo in each mag, as the bolt taks up a fair bit of space. Still, its a cool and unique concept, that also feels really nice to load into the gun. Unfortunately, the mag is 5 layers thick, meaning that the gun's stock had to be made 7 layers thick, which is a problem as we now have a load of yellow rods sticking out all over the stock. Not too pleasant for the holder. The top half of the gun is now 5 layers thick, and accommodates a ratchet mechanism that works very nicely, although the aesthetic is kinda ruined by the ungainly linkage to the trigger at the gun's end. I had considered making the top 3 layers thick, to save a chunk of weight and pieces, but I didn't want to sacrifice strength, which would be needed, as the ratchet where the bands' tension is held needs to be as strongly connected to the anchoring point at the front.

As we have established, the gun's main issues are:

  1. Weight
  2. Ugly trigger mechanism
  3. Mag size
  4. Uncomfortable stock

An idea I had to fix all of these was thus: scale up the gun a fair bit, and elongate the magazine well, and leave the trigger on the top of the gun, and to slap a massive bow on the front, and plonk it all on a big tripod. This would give you a cool-looking ballista-type contraption, similar to IAC's cannon. I encourage people to go and try this out, as I unfortunately don't have either the time, pieces, or motivation to trial this, but it could be really cool.



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    Well, this gun didn't quite end up how I thought it would. You did a good job on it though despite all the design challenges!

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    No prob! What are you going to work on now?

    lol idk really, I threw together a crossbow yesterday that's pretty nice, but isn't anything special, so I probably wont be posting that. However, in the summer I plan on putting together a high-performance repeating crossbow, made out of wood, using a concept that's been waved around here a few times before, but never really been used to full effect. That should be cool, but I'm waiting until my school year's over to free up time for that project. In the meanwhile I'm not sure really, but I doubt I'll come up with anything post-worthy in the next few weeks. Still, stay tuned for sexy wood/metal crossbow-ness in the summer!

    Sweet! I'll definitely keep an eye out for it. I got a couple projects going myself (all of which are knex of course). I plan to get Zip3 posted for the contest after its latest revision and some other stuff...

    Ah. Looks like the one thing I missed out pictures-wise is how the bands go. Basically, the bands were stretched from the front to the ratchet, and were released by the trigger, firing the ammo, loaded by the bolt being pushed foreward to chamber it.