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Introduction: Prop Bomb Count Down Timer - Project Geek #1

This is a simple one day project that i have made from 8051 microcontroller. The project can be easily ported to other microcontrollers or arduino.List of things that you would need
#1 Lots of old newspapers
#2 Book Cover
#3 8051 microcontroller board and 8051 microcontroller
#4 7 segment display board

#5 Piezo Buzzer
#6 4 switch array
#7 Microcontroller programmer
#8 5v Power adapted #8 Glue, Scotch Tape, Black Tape, Double sided Tape(literally every kind of tape), Jumper wires
#9 Loads of patience.

GitHub path for 8051 countdown timer source code: click here

Code can be modified easily to work as a Clock instead of a countdown timer.

Project costed me close to 500 INR

Bomb Count Down timer Video: click here

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Step 1: Bomb Base

Roll the old newspapers into fat rolls of paper. It's not as easy as it looks.

Step 2: Cover the Rolled Newspapers

Wrap the old newspaper rolls with Book cover

Step 3: Combine All Rolls

Tape all the rolls together

Step 4: Electronics

Electronics needed for project.

#1 Piezo Buzzer

#2 4 Switch Array

#3 8051 microcontroller board

#4 7 segment display

Step 5: Wiring Electronics

Connect all of these together with jumper wire. More colorful the jumper wires, the more it will look cool.

Step 6: Done

Enjoy your bomb Count Down Timer

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    I never thought it would cause such a diverse reaction between people before making this project. Even now i am not sure whether the project was a correct thing for a public forum like instructables. If i ever wanted to make a real bomb, I would never make it look exactly like a bomb. It's a gag, something that came to my mind and i just made it. We all are here on this page because, we all are creative in our own ways and we all are searching for some fun things to do. There are millions of toy guns which are made everyday that look better than the original. It's legal to carry a real gun. You can make a real bomb out of common household detergent. Electronics to trigger bombs from thousands of miles away are freely available over the internet. Everyone has a opinion and it's not wrong to share it, but be nice and polite when you share it is what i request. Instead of over thinking how the project will be misused, think of some kid who wants to learn coding and put electronics together; just because this project looks cool. Would i have received so many views and likes if it was just a count down timer. My facebook page was reported by many people and finally it was removed because some people did not understand what my project really is. I have replied to every single message i got on FB about the project, the code that i have used. I have even modified the code for few people who wanted the code for there projects.

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    Im 16, and i agree. Ive been scouring this website for a simple entry level project to do, and so far, after looking through literally thousands of projects, this one is the best (and coolest) thing that i could easily make.

    Thank you for the Instructable.. it's a great prop. I can't wait to make one. Cheers

    Thank you for teaching me all I need to make this. Reason being is, I go out with my friends to go airsofting/paintballing and we have been looking for a fake time bomb to play a game known as "search for the bomb," this Instructable is amazing and gave my friends and I a blast last time we went airsofting. I'd like to say again...

    Thank you :)



    Anyone carrying this around with them is going to get into big trouble.

    Take it off Instructables before the police or other enforcement agencies shoot a kid (who thought it would be funny to do this) in the best interests of everybody else because they couldn't be sure...

    There will be one sad kid, parents, friends, relations and enforcement people, and the person who put it onto Instructables... And all for a laugh.

    Repost the workings but as an egg timer or something.

    This kind of instructable is not appropriate for the public. You actually shown how properly combine electronic devices to act as a count down timer, with proper of tweaks it's not a problem to create a real count down timer with a trigger. I suggest to remove this kind of instructable especially in 2016 knowing what is going on around the world.

    I am not the instructable police. But I can say as a former E.O.D. tech I am not so sure that this is a smart one to offer. Just saying.

    Airsoft Counter-Strike anyone? Now if only someone made an instructable to make a de_dust2 map... hmm... lol