Bomb Fuse

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Step 1: SAFTY



Gun powder or smoke powder
Masking tape
Paper (optional)

Step 3:

Step 4: Making 1

Put the gun powder or smoke powder onto the paper

Step 5: Making 2

Get a strip of tape

Step 6: Making 3

Dip on side of the tape in to the powder

Step 7: Making 4

Roll it up

Step 8: Done (follow Me)



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    2 Discussions


    3 years ago on Introduction

    This instructable definitely needs a disclaimer and a little more advice on making calculations of burn speed as MrE mentions. At 12 I took apart a bunch of firecrackers and used the black powder from inside to make my own larger "firecracker". How to light it ? .. I did something based on the same principle as the instructable, made it too short and almost lost a hand.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    The first person to make a fuse for explosives decided that he would make a fuse using goose quills, which is the center of a goose feather. He stuffed the hollow tube with powder just like you did here. He figured that he could then jam different quills together and make a long hollow tube of powder filled fuse and get about five seconds per foot. He showed this to his superiors and they all thought it was a great idea. Especially when he showed them the small scale. They set him up with a large load of powder and he proceeded to make a fuse and light in a mine. He lit the fuse and ran thinking he had a certain amount of time so was not moving to fast. After the blast they went looking for him. Surprisingly they found his body. He had enough time to get a certain distance. The fatal flaw was that powder is not consistent. it burns at wildly uneven rates. Watch this video from Grant Thompson aka KingOfRandom This is a slow burning fuse and please put a caveat on your ible.