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Introduction: Bomb Movie Prop

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Okay so this is a bomb. Not a real bomb but a movie prop. You can probably make this for free if you're like me and have a bunch of random stuff lying around your room.

Step 1: Bits & Bobs

Wooden dowel Duct tape LED Light Wire Battery box Gutted disposable camera

Step 2: Set Up

Put down the wooden dowel like shown but leave enough room in the middle for a battery box.

Step 3: Wrap It in a Load of Duct Tape

Add two strips of duct tape to the bottom of the wooden dowels. Now you can introduce the battery box to the hole. After that wrap the rest in duct tape but leave the battery box uncovered.

Step 4: Covering the Wood

Now take two pieces of duct tape and cover the ends where you still see the wooden dowel. Make sure the wires go on the opposite side of the battery box.

Step 5: It's All in the Details

Now the disposable camera comes into the mix. Take the innards of the disposable camera and add a loop of duct tape to it now put it anywhere on the side with the wires on it. On the silicone of the chip, there should be little wires with metal on the end going off it. Take a smaller loop of duct tape and attach it to the metal. Put the metal part on to the side of the body as shown above.

Step 6: Wires

I used the insides of a cheap experimenting kit. Take the two springs and attach them to the end of the wires. Now take the LED and attach only one wire to the spring. Now take some duct tape and tape the spring withe the LED light, and the light itself to the body of the prop. Remaining should be two wires, one with a spring from the battery box, and one with no spring from the lamp. To turn on the light stick the end without the spring into the spring and voila!

Step 7: Last Step

Take a single piece of duct tape and cover up the battery box on the back. This is for easy battery changing.

Step 8: Be Proud!!!

Wow! You have just created a prop for your next action movie for basically nothing at all! Give yourself a pat on the back for that. But please be warned that you should be careful with this prop and my previous prop for that matter. Some people won't know it's fake. These are for use on a film set only! Don't do anything stupid and don't say I didn't warn you! Thanks for reading and you can check out my other stuff too, if you want.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    I made something similar to this...

    This is awesome!