Bomberman Bean Bag Chair

Introduction: Bomberman Bean Bag Chair

Hello Instructables :)
I am kittycatdogto, and this is my first instructables and contest entry. I was inspired by how addictive Bomberman is, as a game. And i had a little looky around, and there wasnt much about bomberman, infact, no bombermen at all in the contest, which was weird. But I wanted to be different so here is some instructions on how to make your own beanbag chair and a matching pillow. I wanted something practical and something that was a giant novelty. The reason why it is so practical is because it is comfortable, moveable and the outside can always be changed, just like an outfit. Once you make the inner bean bag filling pocket, then you can have whatever cover you want, so it can match where ever you are or how ever you feel. Just note that this is a to scale model of the actual project as I do not have enough black fabric, but it will be made as I already have made a bean bag, so all I would need to make is the outside layer.

Step 1: Things You Will Need

To make everything (in full scale) you shall need:
At least 5-6 metres (depends on how wide the fabric is) of black fabric, of anytime of fabric such as flannelette, velvet, polar fleece etc for outside fabric
4 metres of fabric, this can be scraps (sewn together), just any cheap fabric will do, for inside bean bag filling pocket
Zipper or Velcro
Rope or yarn for bombs wick
Bean bag filling (at least 40 litres)
Foam filling or very dense pillow filling
Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks (this is if you use rope for the wick)
Old newspaper and sticky tape
Ruler and pencil

Flower petals (like lavender) or essential oil.

Step 2: Creating the Two Patterns

There will be two pattern measurments that I shall give you.
Part one is the bean bag chair itself and part two is the bomb top pillow.
Just realise there are many ways to create bean bags in all different shapes. Bellow are the shapes I could have used, but the simplest way to create a bean bag chair is to make the chair as if you were making a baseball. I have tried looking on youtube on how to make these, and they are all quite different, I think there is only one that is similar to this pattern, If I find the link, then I shall put it on here.

Part one:
To get the shape, you must first create a circle, which is 60cm in diameter (the 1.5cm seam allowance). Draw this on some old newspaper so you can keep this pattern and use to create the actual pattern. Dont worry about grain line unless you are using textured fabric, then it must all be one way.
Then on bigger a bigger newspaper sheet ( you can do this by sticking multiple sheets together with tape) you can start to create the actual pattern.
This pattern is three circles across along, so in total it is 180 cm long.
Rule across the three circles at the top, in the middle and on the bottem with a ruler. And then split it (by ruling a line through it) into 30cm quaters. You must also rule a line vertically through each of the circles. Then you must create a dip. So you start from the top center of the first circle and end up a quater through the middle circle in the center. The other side (middle circle to last circle) must be symetrical. Look at the diagram bellow. You need to cut 4 peices of fabric with this pattern.

* If your fabric is not wide enough, cut the pattern in half vertically and add 1.5cm to the ends that were cut off, and cut eight peices of one of the halves.

Step 3: Part 2 of Pattern Making

Part two:
To create the top bomb part you need to have two circles and one trapazoid.
The circle on the top is 25 cm in diameter and the bottem circle is 35 cm in diameter.
The trapezoid is 15cm tall, the short top is 40.25cm long and the bottem is 56cm long, you need to cut two of these.
The 1.5cm seam allowance is included.

Step 4: Cutting Out the Peices

Once all of the peices are created you may cut out the fabric. You need two black beanbag peices and two bean bag peices with any fabric you have lying around, you could also create a big sheat of fabric by sewing bits of scraps together.
Then you must cut the bomb top peices, two trapezoids, and one of each circle, each in black.

You must use pins to be accurate, this is something that is supposed to be comfortable and look good!
If you are using something like faux fur make sure the fabric is cut all one way, so the fur is going one way its almost like the grain in wood. You may need to get more fabric just so it is all going one way.
The outside layer of the bean bage should be the same fabric as the bomb top.

Step 5: Making the Bean Bag Chair

To create the pocket for the bean bag pellets you must first pin the two peices together. It will fit perfectly the rounded ends will fit into the grooves of the other piece.
Remember right sides together.
If they dont fit quite right you just need to try and ease the edges, so they fit.
To get it perfect, you may want to just slightly snip the middles of the groves and the rounded edges and then match them together. Pin these first and then pin everything else in between.
Make sure you over-lock to keep everything from fraying, and to keep it strong.
MAKE SURE you leave a gap so you can flip it right side out and fill it with the bean bag filling. Then close it up very well, so it is strong, this doesnt need to be neat, it just needs to be strong.

The repeat with the black fabric, pin, sew and overlock this time leave a big enough gap to
1) To be able to put the full bean bag pellet filled pocket into the cover
2) To flip it inside out and install a zipper or velcro strips, if anyone does not know how to do this, I can explain better somewhere else, on another tutorial, or something.

Now you have a black bean bag bomberman chair to sit in, but wait it aint complete as you need to make it actually look like a bomb.

Step 6: Making the Top Bomb Part

Pin (with right sides togther) the two trapezoid pieces and sew the sides togther, do this on both sides.

Then sew the small circle to the top of the trapezoid loop. Remember to pin and overlock as well. Then sew the bigger circle to the bottom, leave a gap.
Turn it inside out because you need to add the bomb wick.

Step 7: Adding the Bomb Wick

If you are just using yarn then all you have to do is use a wide eyed sewing needle and thread it through. Also make a knot at the end of the string tp make it is secure. It looks best if you have a black or hay like colour with a red tip.

If you are using rope then you must cut a slit through through the top (the smaller circle), make a knot at the end of the rope and thread it through. Then add hot glue around it so it stays in place and the fabric does not fray. Putting glue around it will not matte, as it is on the inside of the shape.

Then you can fill it with foam or you can densely fill it with wool stuffing because it is a pillow. Before you close it you might want to add little bits of lavender or drop some essential oil into it. This can relax you as you play this very strategic game :)
 Then "secret stitch" (as I like to call it, its just hand sewing it closed nicely and neatly, so it is invisable).

Step 8: Then Your Done

Then your finished. Your very own Bomberman bomb bean bag chair. Do you think anyone else would have such a funky item in their house?
Make sure you have cut all the little scraggly bits of thread so it looks professional and that you have overlocked everything, so it is strong.

Here are some pictures of my full sized beanbage when compared to my hand, just so you can imagine a size, also a picture of its velcro strip

Thank you for reading, I hope you create one of these awesome bean bag chairs, I am just so excited, so I hope someone posts a picture too, if anyone makes it :)

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