Bone Conductive Headphones



Hear thru your bones!!!

Parts needed:
1. 3.5mm audio jack
2. Small dc motor (3 volts or less)
3. soldering iron
4. Wire cutters
5. Wires
6. Headphone amp (optional)

Step 1: How It Works

A motor vibrates your bones and bypasses the ear drum so no heareing damage is caused

Step 2: Cut a Cable With a 3.5mm Plug on Its End or Make Your Own With a 3.5mm Plug and Some Wires

Step 3: Soldering the Motor

Solder any end of the motor to the ends of the 3.5mm plug cable

Step 4:

Conect any music player at high volume and bite the tip of the motor or place it behind your ear touching your head (you may need a headphone amp for extra volume depending on the device you are listening to and the voltage the motor )

Step 5: All Done

It might not have the best audio quality but it doesn't damage your ear drums and its also a cool project.



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