Bonnie From FNAF Mask

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At the beginning i want to say I am from Poland and there can be some language mistakes... I'm sorry.

I will learn you how to make Bonnie the Bunny mask. It' s very, very cheap and easy- this is why I made it!

Mask has got movable jaw and is very scary.

Have fun!

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Step 1: Take the Mask Base!

You will need:

-large cardboard ( bristol )




On cardboard draw base of mask like this on photo. That lower part must be long your from ear to ear.

Next cut it.

Attach to the bottom of a small strip of cardboard , so as to sustain beard.

Step 2: Make Jaws!

You will need:

-all things from previous step

-paper (painter) tape

On bristol draw Bonnie's jaws. Cut them and attach to the base.

Next draw top and bottom of upper and lower jaw. Stick them with tape to mask jaws.

With little stripe of bristol stick Bonnie' s nose (rather domed between the eyes).

Step 3: Make Ears and Mouth!

You will need:

- 2 straws

- bristol

- scissors

- old newspapers

- paper tape

- marker

- rubber band

Draw on bristol Bonnie's ears. Cut them and stick to straws and next to head.

Using newspapers shape into Bonnies 's mouth.

Cover the entire mask with tape.

Attach the rubbers.

Step 4: Make Nose and Teeth!

-modeline clay or Sculpey

Using modeline clay make Bonnies nose (he's looking like triangle) and teeth (eleven truncated cones).

Cook or bake them.

Step 5: Cover Mask With "paper Mache"!

What will you need:

-old newspapers

- paper

- glue made from flour

Made glue. Recipe is there:

Coat the mask with:

1. glue

2. newspapers


4. paper

5. glue.

Let it dry.

Step 6: Finish Up the Mask!

You will need:

-paints and brushes

- 2 ping-pong balls

- nose and teeth (you've done them before)

- elastic glue

Paint Bonnie and glue his teeth and nose.

On balls paint eyes and glue them on mask.

Step 7: Try It On!

You finished!

Go scare some kids or Five Nights at Freddy' s fans!

I think you like it. Good luck!

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3 years ago

Hello everybody.

I just want you to NOT copy my instructable!

I saw it on some another websites and I was not credit as author.

Please, don't do this anymore!

(language mistakes, I know, but I'm just upset)


3 years ago

Thank you!
Your Freddy is awesome too!