Boo! the Halloween Candy Dispenser




Introduction: Boo! the Halloween Candy Dispenser

Every year there is Halloween.

Giving out candy to kids is very fun.

But Sometimes, kids knock on your door  when your in the toilet.

Sometimes you're just tired of walking back and forth to door to give out candy.

But you still want to be unique like other people who celebrate Halloween.

That is when ......    Boo! the candy dispenser comes in handy

Step 1: Find Some Materials.

Here are some materials you'll need.


card stock paper


scissor/ Exacto knife

Marker                And thats all you need!

Step 2: Make Part A

Roll up a piece of card stock paper!

Connect 4 cardboard fans too it!
(Connect it tight with tape or Gorrila glue!)

This is Part A

Step 3: Mkae Part B

Find the length by adding how long 2 cardboard fans are, and the stick

Using the length as the diameter, make two circles out of card stock or cardboard.

Make a cylinder out of the two circles.
Open a hole on the top and the bottom and the sides of the cylinder.

Remember you could connect one side of the cylinder but don't connect the other side...... yet!

Step 4: Connect Part a and B to Create Part AB.

Just stick in Part A into the holes in Part B.
Then connect the cylinder.

Step 5: Open a Hole in the Box

Open two parallel holes for now.

Step 6: Time for Gorrlia Glue!

use Gorrila glue to connect the Part AB.
Put gorrila glue on the  red areas in the picture.

Step 7: Connect a Hollow Stick

Connect a hollow stick made of card stock paper to the hole of part AB.

Step 8: Make the Finishing Touch.

Make a sole and a hole so the candy will slide down and pop out.

Step 9: Make the Final Finishing Touch.

Add a picture of your favorite halloween beast.
I put Boo! the ghost.

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    9 years ago on Step 3

    i can't understand ur diagram............... !!!!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I dont get it, you put the candy on the top? if yes then i suppose that if you put more than 1 candy all of them would go out at once.. right?