Boobs in a Box

Introduction: Boobs in a Box

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Boobs in a Box make wonderful gifts.

Things you will need; boobs, box, something to cut a hole in the box, and someone to open the box.

This is how you do it.

Step 1: Cut a Hole in the Box

describe this step

Step 2: Cut Another Hole in the Box

Step 3: Stick Your Rack in the Box

Step 4: Have Your Man Open the Box



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    except you can't really do it the way you can with the... um.... "other version" because you'd have to be topless, and that's a dead giveaway.

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    naw - just wear a button front shirt, opened, so it looks like you have a shirt over a lower fronted singlet or something. Or really wear a singlet, with a stretchy neckline, and just yank it down to stick your boobs out into the box. :) Everywhere else is covered!

    (high pitched voice) 1. You cut a hole in a box. 2. You put your junk in that boox! 3. You make her open the box. And thats how you do it! Its my (blubber) in a box!

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    Hmmmm... I must be looking at this all wrong... (no pun intended) The techy in me (or is it 'geek'?) sort of took over (maybe it's the engineer in me??) and I started to come up with ways to make it more comfortable to use. Seems like a rather 'rough' design to me.

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    Yeah, no offense or anything... but If I made it, I might smooth out the edges a tad...<br/><br/>Cardboard cuts + Boobs = *tear*<br/>

    ...I believe the point is not how comfortable it would be to use, as it would ideally be removed and tossed aside just as quickly as it was made.

    Be assured, I agree completely with your final assesment - tossed aside rather quickly. Sometimes I'm a bit on the geeky side, and sometimes I'm a bit on the gawky side. I guess this time I geeked when I should have gawked. However, I think that communication in this form is most difficult to flavor with tenor and tone - so often the irony of something is missed completely by some when others think it is most obvious. To me, it was obvious that I was being 'ironic'. Sorry if I was too obtuse. Next time I'll just ask where the batteries go. ;-) All in all, this is one great site, eh??? (Huh... where DO the batteries go???)

    It is a funny way to handle sexuality! :)

    There's no way mine would fit in those tiny holes.