Book Box: Gaveta Oculta

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For this project you are going to need:

Vinyl floor

wooden box (I made mine. But you can buy one.)

black paper

carbon paper


contact glue





transparent ruler

metal ruler

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Step 1: Carton Dimensions

width 14’’length 12’’height 6’’

Step 2:

Step by step how to make the box

Step 3:

Pass the contact glue and glue the sides of the carton to the vinyl floor.

Step 4: Carton Finish

Pass the contact glue on the box and on the floor then wait to dry.

Step 5:

Finish carefully!

Step 6:

To create embossed text it is necessary to write on the floor material using the reference paper printed on the sheet of carbon paper

Step 7:

with the stylus and a metal ruler cut to the letters.

Step 8:

The box tag is made with paper and the same flooring material. Drilling with paper punch.

Step 9:

Add a string to the tag.

Step 10: Box Is Complete!

box is complete!

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