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Have you ever wanted to give the most absolutely perfect gift ever? Well look no more ! The homemade book box is a perfect way to enrich someones life and make you remembered and cherished on that holiday. Its a place to keep all kinds of personal items that you personally cherish or like. Its also great for pictures! This one i have gotten off the internet because I wasnt able to find my own.

For this project you are going to need:

Sharp blade
Construction paper
Super Glue
Ear Bud
Glue gun.

This should take you no more than about 30 minutes.

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Step 1: Getting Started

Your first job is to find a good hardcover book that is at least 1 and a half inch thick at the binding. Make sure this is a book that you either dont like or has gone old.

Step 2: Covering the Book

Your next job is to take the cover off the book. Then take the piece of construction paper and cover the book like you would with any text book. The color of the paper is your choice. Then take the last page of the book and tape it to the back cover. Remember not to go any more than half an inch into the back cover.

Step 3: Taping

Next tape the any gaps that the construction paper on the front cover only. Then take another piece of construction paper and lay it over and glue it over the inside of the front cover so you block any of the tape and inside cover.

Step 4: GLUE!

Now comes the fun part. Take your glue gun and out a layer of glue on the ear swab. Now cautiously spread a thin layer of glue over the side of the book where all the pages can be seen. Now let it dry.

Step 5: CUT!

So open the book up to the first page. First take a ruler and measure half an inch from all edges of the book. Now make a perfect box out of those measurements. Now take your blade and cut out that box till you get all the way to the bottom. Because you DIDNT tape any more than half an inch, it should slide out with a couple tugs.

Step 6: GLUE! AGAIN!

Now that the inside is hollow, its most likely that the inside pages are kind of coming apart. Now take some super glue and with a cue tip spread a thin layer in the inside paper. Make sure you gt all the corners and spots. Now let that dry.

Step 7: Paint

Now take your paint and paint the glue layer on the outside pages. You can use whatever color you want. But also make sure its acrylic because it lasts longer.

Step 8: Decorating.

Now once your done its time to decorate. Once its dried you have to decorate. You can add sparkles and write a note on the front cover. Be creative and have fun.

Step 9: Gift It!

Now this part is optional. You can wrap it up and gift it to someone or you can gift it by hand. What ever you do, i wish you all happy holidays.

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    I wish you showed you making it, because just the pictures were sortof confusing.

    I remember having these, but when grabbing my favorite book for a flight, I got a book of the same cover filled with my favorite pocket knife hardpacked foam.

    Invention Co.
    Invention Co.

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    These are really fun to make and great use of a book you dont like. And if you thinks it worth it, please voe! ty.