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This is a quick and easy art piece for book cover. Before you begin, get everything you will need and make them ready. Please check the list and make sure you have everything for begin.

-- One piece of art paper for cover

-- Different color papers for flower & leaf

-- Book

-- Some glitter & string

-- Some glue

-- Pencil, Scale & scissors

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Step 1: Instrument & Some Measurement

I use yellow art paper for book cover. First measure book's height, width & depth. Cut the art paper based on the measurement.

Step 2: Cover Folding

Based on your measurement, please follow the folding instruction from the pictures.

Step 3: Create Bookmark

In this step, first we have to make a strong stripe for the bookmark. Make it long enough (almost double of book size).

Now follow the paper measurement and fold instruction for make flower from images. Finally glue two flower with stripe and attach another side of stripe with book cover.

Step 4: Front Side Flower and Leaf

Take four flower and glue them together. Follow the paper fold instruction for make leaf. Now glue them all together and add it into book cover. Add some glitter in flower and let it dry.

Hope you enjoy this Instructable. Thank you.

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