Book Display for Children's Library Books

Introduction: Book Display for Children's Library Books

Display library bound books cover out. Build a track to set them in.

This requires a wood base conter top, most commonly used in school and public libraries.

Cost is about $25 (per 16 feet)
Project time- allow 2 hours

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Step 1: Gather Tools and Supplies

Half inch C Channel (usually 8 feet long)
#10 2 and half inch wood screws

Hack saw
Drill and bits


C channels run about $12 each. Not every home improvement store will stock them.

Step 2: Cut to Length - Mark Holes to Drill

Layout C channel on top of counter(s).

Mark length. Use hack saw and cut to length.

Mark drill holes. At least every 3 feet recommended.

Tip- Making the drill hole as low as possible in the channel will allow books to stand up on top of the screws.

Step 3: Drill ONE Hole in Counter

Drill ONE hole in counter (the length of the screw).

Tip- If you drill has a level, use it. It is very important that the screws all be in alignement.

Partially screw in one end.
Then mark the other holes. This will allow all the holes to align properly.

Tip- A few large books at the opposite end will hold the channel up.

Tip- Do NOT overtighten as the channel will collapse.

Step 4: Adding More Channels As Needed

If you need more than one channel, be sure to align the ends that meet one another.

Double tip- Do not overtighten. Result is noticeable in picture.

Step 5: Discussion

This project has enhanced the look of my library.

Patrons are basically lazy, and do not like to kneel down and look at book spines.
Librarians (like myself) are basically lazy, and do not like to move books around a lot.

The channel allows me to merchandise select titles above the shelves. It can be used for special collections, or just to show the books that are below.

Paperback books do NOT stand up in the tracks. They go in the baskets. Hopefully, your library does not depend on paperbacks. I have also seen plastic gutters used against walls, particularly in classrooms.

Library bound books up to 64 pages (90+%) will fit.
Most chapter books are much more than this size, so it is limited to picture books.

I disliked the old single book stands as patrons had a difficult time putting books back in them, or they looked kind of dorky sitting empty. The channel is a huge improvement.

You may want to put a bandaid over the end(s) in high traffic or crowded areas. I had one small scrape in the 3 months of use.

Step 6: Before and After

Here's a before and after so you can see the difference.
Hopefully your results and feedback are even more impressive.

Good luck and best wishes in promoting reading.

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    Nice! We are in a new library building, with new furniture, so the director would never in a million years allow this, but it would be great for promoting reading -- and not just to kids either! -Andrea, librarian in California