Book Lamp - No Real Books Were Harmed!




Introduction: Book Lamp - No Real Books Were Harmed!

I have seen other "Book Lamp" projects, but all involved hollowing out pages from old books. The nice thing about this version is that no real books were used and this took only about 2 hours to complete. The entire project cost about $40 and requires a basic knowledge of wiring and assembly.

Step 1: Assembly

1) 2 - hollow decorative boxes (books) from Michaels craft store. The boxes are made of sturdy paper/cardboard and nicely decorated inside and out. These being hollow makes the wiring easier and the top box can be used to store small things.
2) Small table lamp
3) Switch

2 Boxes - $16 - $20
Lamp - Under $20
Switch - $4
Misc extras - $2

Step 2: Wiring

This photo is inside the larger book. Again, because the book is hollow I could wire it easily. I can also adjust anything if needed. 

1) Glued the smaller book onto the larger book and used black tie-wrap to hold together.
2) Drilled holes in the larger book for the lamp post, the switch, and the cord.
3) Cut the cord for the lamp and wired in the black switch. Will monitor the heat from the switch since it is in contact with the book.
4) The large metal base is seen connected to the lamp post. I used 2nd tie-wrap through the base and into the books for stability.
5) Glued the black weight from the lamp into the bottom book for more stability.

Personally, I would not store anything in the bottom book because of the wiring.

Step 3: Finally

Add the shade and done. Notice we use the smaller book to store a phone or iPod for charging. I ran the charger wires through the smaller box so they are not seen. 

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    The smaller book with charging plugs in is an excellent extra.