Book Quote Decor

Introduction: Book Quote Decor

If you have a favorite book then you have your favorite quotes now what is a better way to show off your love of reading and crafty skills than this?!?

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Step 1: Supplies

The basics:
Glue (stick glue preferred)
Paper(what ever colors that coordinate with your book cover
Something to cut with a x-axto knife will work too
Time(good for a rainy day!)
A hand sewing needle

Step 2: Get Inspired!

I was surfing the web when I put together this project :) after reading a whole bunch of my fav quotes! :)! But this is your project so you can use what ever you need and you don't have to stick to the shapes I'll use I'm using those because they fit my book!

Step 3: Cutting the Patterns

I cut a cloud, a big and little star and another size cloud :)
First trace and cut out everything you'll need (HELP Don't do this with a fan on :P)
I cut out a big black cloud and then traced that onto white printer paper :)
Then I traced a bunch of little clouds using my pattern so they will all be the same and I cut a hand full of little stars :)!

Step 4: Writing

I took my big black cloud and wrote Okay? in silver sharpie. And on my white cloud I wrote Okay. in black and glued the edges together :) this will be the center piece!!!

Step 5: ...more Writing

My advice trace your white clouds DO NOT CUT THEM OUT JUST YET!!!! These is what I wrote my quotes on :) it made it easier to write them and then cut them out here is how a few turned out :) I cut them out and glued them back the back :) trim if necessary!

Step 6: Finally

I just trimmed everything and strung them up on clear bead streach string it is A LOT better than fishing sting stuff :) and hung up on me wall! And I just used the stars as dividers :)

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