Copy Stand or Book Scanner Drill Stand

Introduction: Copy Stand or Book Scanner Drill Stand

I am using Drill stand as smart scan stand or Copy Stand to scan books using ‘cam scanner software’ with the help of a tablet or smart phone holder attachment devised by myself. Scan Books ! This attachment is stainless steel wire from a hanger, bent nicely to hold your tablet or smart phone. Do not buy again smart phone scanner stand. This Drill stand, which you can use for your hand drill to be held  for creative works, will do the job by focusing the holder with the help of an Allen(hexagonal) key.

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Step 1: See the Setup and Make Steelwire Smart Phone Holder Attachment

Bend accordingly the wire to suit your tablet or smart phone and the c-clamp of Drill stand(see picture also) so as to hold your camera smart phone or tablet for this Copy Stand .

Step 2: Place Your Smat Phone or Tablet With Camera Facing Down to the Material to Be Scanned

Place Your Smart Phone Or tablet with camera facing down to the material( book, document or news paper!) to be scanned on the holder you made from steel wire. Focus by moving up or down the holder c-clamp of drill stand.(use Allen key or what ever tool applicable to your drill Stand.Photo showing the tablet held in position.

The following link  will show similar drill stand or drill clamp to use as a Copy Stand

Step 3: Remaining Steps Are Left to Your Limitless Imagination and Utilization

Remaining Steps are left to your limitless imagination and utilization.

See the set up once again and suggest improvement for this
Copy Stand which has no complexities.

Improvement like holding two smart phones and scanning odd and even pages to compile later in order using soft ware !

Step 4:

This is the Portable handy drill stand type i have used

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    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Dear CraftClarity,
    A light handy drill stand laying in the corner winced at me while i was holding my smart phone to scan a document. Ha fine then I told him(The drill stand) to hold the smart phone while i arrange the document. I made him to say YES with help of the stainless steel cloth hanger wire piece. Done !!! The purpose duly met. I really thank you for your ever first appreciation. THANK YOU