Book Shelf Bluetooth Speaker CHEAP!

Introduction: Book Shelf Bluetooth Speaker CHEAP!

So I got a cheap center speaker from a local second hand store and wanted to make a bluetooth speaker just for fun on my spare time. I found everything else on ebay. :) Hope you like!

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Step 1: Parts

Got the center speaker from a local second hand store - 20 bucks

Speakers in the unit were ok but had some I purchased from a local electronics shop for 4 bucks a piece! 10w 8ohm full range! The yamaha ones were older and did not have much bass. I cut the old ones out and used the basket to install the new ones!

bluetooth module off ebay (TDA7492P 25W+25W Bluetooth 4.0 Audio Receiver Digital Amplifier Board 8-25V) - 15 bucks

Connector wires off ebay (1pair 12V 5.5x2.1mm Male + Female DC Power Socket Jack Connector Cable Plug Wire) - 3 bucks

Power supply off ebay (New AC 100-240V DC 12V 1A 5.5 x 2.1MM Wall Charger Power Supply Adapter) - 5 bucks

Power switch off ebay (Black KCD3-101N KCD2 ON-OFF Rectangle Car Auto Boat Rocker Switch Toggle SPST) - 2 bucks

External buttons off ebay as well. 2 bucks for a set of 4

Ebay is my go to place! just a waiting game after that. haha.

Step 2: Putting It Together

So I solder some wire from the buttons on the board its self to add external buttons. super easy. I am not very good with a soldering iron so I know its easy if I can do an ok job! haha!

I then drilled a hole for both the power button and the power wire on the speakers terminals for the wires to be connected to an external amp! I thought this was awesome! not too much to do! The center speaker is dead and does not work as it is not connected to anything. I am looking for something to replace it with but then I thought it looks cool so may not do anything with it.

I purchased a passive radiator but the original bass tube it came with actually has a decent bass to it. So decided not to use it.

Overall the speaker looks pretty good and no one can tell I added anything to it as everything is either on the back of inside of it. :) its very loud! and bluetooth range is very nice! Hope this gives someone ideas.

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