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Intro: Book Stand

Just a rather simple book stand. It holds your books up at a 45° angle. There is an adjustable book mark which is the thing which you can see on top and behind most of the stand. You can adjust it vertically and horizontally to move it just where you want it to keep mark of the page. It's a relatively small and easy project which has an actual, practical application.

Step 1: Components

Make the following:

Images 1-2: Make 3 of each of these.
Images 3-5: Just make 1 of each.

Step 2: Construction

Image 1: Put the first two types of pieces like this to make the structure of the stand.
Images 2-3: Attach the other pieces like so to finish this part of the stand.
Image 4: Finally put the two pieces together like shown to finish the book stand.



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    2 Discussions

    i like the look of it, but one question:
    do the books ever fall off?
    as they are at a 45 degree angle, would it have a small chance of slipping?

    1 reply

    I have not had any books falling off. On the bottom there is a ledge which is large enough to keep most books from slipping off (I had a large encyclopedia on it and it did not slide off).