Book Writing With Wattpad


Introduction: Book Writing With Wattpad

I do not lay claim to ownership of Wattpad or any of it's subsidiaries, this is only for educational purposes.

also note that this isn't a guide to writing a book, just putting it on wattpad.

so, with the please-don't-sue-me stuff out of the way, here is my Instructables guide to writing books on Wattpad.

PLEASE NOTE: Wattpad is a place where authors post their stories and receive feedback from other authors!

*most photos were gathered from the internet, and their owners respective property.*


Step 1: Signing Up

please note, if you have a Facebook or (for whatever reason) you already have a Wattpad account, skip this step.

To start off, open a new tab (Firefox or Chrome) and type 'Wattpad' into your search engine. You should get something like the first image. select the small link below the main wattpad home page that says, "login" and select the "join" button, where you will be prompted to create an account by entering the needed information. When you are done, verify your email and login.

Step 2: Creation

at this point I'm assuming you already have a book sort of outlined, don't worry if you aren't finished with it, I myself just write as I go.

so, got to the top of your page and click "create" and then, "new story" in the top right corner.

If your story is composed of chapters, enter the chapter number at the top, and then your chapter title down in the main content body.

after typing each chapter, press publish, share via any media you have (should be a pop-up) and repeat with your next chapter!

Step 3: WAIT!!!!

Now that your story is all typed up and published, you can wait for people to read it and leave feedback, suggestions for edits, and even the occasional question about your sequel!

Thank you very much for reading this, if you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment!



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    No this is not my story just someone who i think deserves a lot more credit ten they get

    Hey check out some of my amazing books on wattled my userm=name is Jessicatishere thx so much if u follow me i will follow u back love you all byee

    I like your Light-saber Instructable, will get me ready for The Force Awakens!

    sure thing! I decided I'd make an instructable for the 'Book It' Contest, because I don't exactly have the resources for some of the other stuff. :)