Bookend Made of CDs.





Introduction: Bookend Made of CDs.

Here's how to make a decent bookend out of used CDs.
Firstly, gather materials up(no glue needed):
1.soldering iron
2.three or more CDs
3.bow saw

Step 1: Cut the Slices

As the picture shown below,three cds are needed here,two as the base and back ,and two slices as strengthening ribs.

Use a bow saw to cut all the cds with proper size and two grooves on the base cd for mount ribs.

Step 2: Assembling

"Soldering" foregoing pieces at both sides of joints.

Warning: During this process might emit toxic gas.

Step 3: Done & Tests.

That's it,a stylish bookend for free. This ins. is compatible with CD and DVDs(HD & Blue-ray might be work)
These transparent disks are made of CD-ROM by filing it's back layers.
Have fun!



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    13 Discussions

    Don't you get melted plastic stuck to your soldering iron?
    I think I would go with an epoxy instead.

    2 replies

    Yaeh, glue is a better solution, that's the awesomeness of instructables, thing improves.

    That's why you would either use a different tip from normal or use a different soldering iron.

    I tried with super glue and it worked perfectly, already made 8 here

    Seems very interesting, will try to make some later :3

    I finally have a use for those extra clear disk's in the blank dvd spindles.

    Great Idea! "Soldering" Them Is A More Permanent Way To do It But Used A Soldering Iron On Anything Other Than The Solder Can Ruin It, Otherwise A Great Idea!

    1 reply