Bookends From Reclaimed Brake Parts




Introduction: Bookends From Reclaimed Brake Parts

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Step 1:

Start with a reclaimed rotor, in this case I used one off of a Ford GT Super Car, but you can use what you can find. I disassembled it and got it ready for media blasting.

Step 2:

Media blasting with glass beads to remove rust

Step 3:

I painted the rotor aluminum with an engine enamel.

Step 4:

Took the rotor to a automotive shop and used a brake lathe to machine it back to a "like new" look.

Step 5:

I taped the rotor off to prevent it from rusting

Step 6:

I found the circumference and divided the rotor into quarters

Step 7:

I took the rotor to the chop saw and cut out the quarters

Step 8:

Then I measured the caliper and made a line in the middle of it. Took it to the chop saw and cut it in half

Step 9:

Used the table saw to make the cuts for the base. First I cut each piece to size. Then I made a 45 degree cut on one side of each piece

Step 10:

I used tape to align and clamp the bases for glue up. I used standard wood glue to create the bond

Step 11:

I used an airbrush and red paint to touchup any blemishes on the calipers

Step 12:

Coated the calipers and rotor quarters with a satin clear

Step 13:

I used tape to outline the exact location I wanted the brakes to sit on the bases

Step 14:

Using 80 grit sand paper I etched the surfaces before bonding them

Step 15:

I used a 2 part panel bond epoxy to bond the bases with the brakes

Step 16: Finished Product



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    10 Discussions

    Thats an expensive pair of bookends,

    Wilwood caliper looks good but I would have used it for braking system. (LOL)

    I have damaged motorcycle brake parts that could be used and will make some of these one day

    I work on exotic cars for a living. I build things after hours in my own shop ... so from time to time I get cool parts to work with... Look me up on instagram you can see some of my other designs @Radcliffe_herstellung

    Thank you for your nice comment!!

    This look awesome. I've got a car breakers yard I drive past all the time and I've already got a long list of projects I'd love to do with car parts, this is now on that list ! thanks for sharing :)

    1 reply

    These are brilliant, can see loads of petrol heads wanting these

    That's an awesome idea! What a cool way to repurpose them :)

    1 reply