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Combining an Nightlight with an bookmark

Step 1: Planing and Materials

So first i draw my idea to see if and how it would or could work and finally to check what materials i will need:

so i took some crap oakwood, Plexiglas, PVC-plat and LED ligt string

Step 2: Getting Started

So i measured to get enough space to build in the Led-light-string and trafo,

I started routing half of the material on the bottom and let a border of 3 cm to permit to cover later on with the pvc-plate

Step 3: Edges and Top

After finished routing i turned the oakwood and softened / routed the edges halfround

then i measured and routed 2 slices to permit to put in the Plexiglas

I added some oak stain to let it look darker and fresher

Step 4: Bending Plexiglas Fail

So i used an radiant heater for bending and heating up the plexiglas but in fact it wasnt getting warm enough so unfortunately it broke....have to do this again

Step 5: Installing the Led-stripes

Installing the Led-stripes was very, zip of the tape and place it around the border...done

Next step i took the PVC-plat, cut it so it fits exactly on the oakwood, then drilling and screwing on the oak wood

Step 6: I Need a Mold

First try of bending Plexiglas was a fail so i youtube an very good istruction where they mensioned to use a mold and heat it up in the stove

i took some scrap laminat and spruce wood and builded an mold

Step 7: Bending Vol 2

so this time i did it right; heat up the oven 170 degrees, plexiglas in there for 10 min and directly in the mold

letting cool down for an hour and its done.

the mold was heavy enough so i did not need to put some extra weight on it

Step 8: Finishing

after the plexiglas form was ready i set it into the top slices and to fix it i used some brown silicone... and work done



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    7 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Can't imagine how it would damage a book since you have to open it to read it in the first place. If a spine doesn't show wear, maybe it's not a good book? Ha ha!

    I suppose for small paperback books, a sharper angle would hold your page, as well as a smaller dimension. The design may not work for the QED volumes, however! But, who'd have that bedside anyway? Ha ha!

    Nice project!

    1 reply
    Patrick LASCHETTEjeanniel1

    Reply 3 years ago

    :) and thx for the support :)... guess this is the answer our member Squidman31 was looking at lol

    Patrick LASCHETTE

    3 years ago

    I think that every softcover book will be damaged when you let it opened for a while, even while reading the book spine is being bended / damaged


    3 years ago

    Seems like it would damage the book a lot.


    3 years ago

    I liked your project. can we use any other material?

    1 reply
    Patrick LASCHETTEashinde13

    Reply 3 years ago

    yes of course, maybe u could try to make it in concrete in sted of the oakwood


    3 years ago

    Somzething very similar :