These are a couple of journals/sketch books that I made a few months ago when I was obsessed with book-binding.
The covers are quite nice, but only two of them really have the pages in well. These were just experiments after all.

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    3 years ago

    i like the colors


    Do you have a instructable for these? They are VERY pretty and almost more profeessional then the ones I see sold for over $30+ at high-end book stores. Plus I can customize them to my liking instead of buying a main stream book that 1000s of people have! If you do, could you please link it, if not, would you mind making one? Like I said they are absolutely amazing! Thanx



    7 years ago on Introduction

    very cute, i really love the little boy in the rain one! just out of curiosity, did you cut the paper yourself, buy it pre-cut, or have it done somewhere? i've tried cutting paper myself before, and it didn't turn out to nice... :P

    1 reply

    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks very much!
    Actually for some of the books, I took the pages from empty notebooks I already had and just rebound them with a handmade cover. After a few really clumsy attempts at cutting pages to size by hand, I pretty much gave up on that idea. The other books' pages are made from large sheets of drawing paper folded in half and sewn into signatures, so they are all the same size.