Bookshelf Decor

About: Hi! I'm Ana! I love DIY'ing and anything that has to do with Home Decor. About a year ago I began to share my diy projects on Pinterest and my Youtube channel for fun! I focus on doing Home Decor diy's since...

I came up with this simple decor piece for my bookshelf, which i think is girly but at the same time modern and very simple :)

Step 1: Items

-Candleholder tray: Walmart

-Diamonds by the Dozen: Ross

-Tea candles: Ikea

Step 2: Diamonds

Just placed the diamond in the candle holder tray :)

Step 3: Tea Candles

I simply tried to evenly space out the tea candles among the diamonds & that was it!

Step 4: 3 DIY Decor Ideas

I've included my tutorial on 3 DIY Bookshelf & Table Decor ideas, just to give u a glimpse of how i "set up" my pieces :)



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