Bookshelves for Under $5




Introduction: Bookshelves for Under $5

This is my version of a slightly invisible bookshelf. There is a chance of seeing the bracket under the books. It cost me less than $5 for the materials (not including the tools). Each bracket cost me $1.78 and the screws were $1.24 for a pack of 18.

Step 1: Gather the Materials

3" x 7" Strap Tie at Lowes, $1.78 per strap

#6 x 5/8" Sheet Metal Screws (5 per bracket works great), $1.24 for 18pcs

Screwdriver for the screws
Something to bend the metal (clamps and mallet but a vise works great too)

Note: the last 3 pictures show them already bent. They are sold flat, not bent. So don't expect to find them at Lowes already bent, like they are in the pictures.

Step 2: Make the Brackets

Bend the metal by:
1) aligning the 3 holes closest to the middle on the edge of a table (or in a vice)
2) secure the metal to the table with clamps
3) bend the metal by hand or with a mallet to form a 90 degree angle (80 degrees or so for heavy books).

I've attached a video to show you guys exactly how I bent it.

Step 3: Attach to the Wall

The long end will hold the books while the short end will be secured to the wall. Secure the brackets to the wall with screws. Ensure the shelves are level and evenly spaced. Add shelves as needed.

Step 4: Add the Books

Place the books on the bracket. Check the shelves and do not overload the brackets. Enjoy!

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    7 Discussions

    to hide bracket use an old large book as the shelf by epoxying the hell out of the books pages and sticking bracket in the middle somewhere :)

    Excellent! Thanks, Kamiana.

    We struggled and struggled to bend one of those things years ago. It's very helpful to heat with metal to make the bending easier.

    2 replies


    Thanks for your comment. I've included a video showing exactly how I bent this particular strap without having to heat it up. I hope you find it helpful.

    I don't know how I missed the video, but I guess I was in a hurry to see the finished product. The metal we were trying to bend was much thicker and we just about killed ourselves bending it. Later we were talking to a friend and he explained that we needed to heat the metal in order to bend it. Because I skipped by your video, I missed the gauge of the steel that you used and thus my comment. Thanks for clearing it up for me.

    Sorry, I love the idea and especially how inexpensive it is. Thanks for sharing.