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How to make a paper airplane that flies / Para Hacer un Avión de Papel / Xếp Máy Bay Giấy / कागजी हवाई जहाज ट्यूटोरियल

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✈ COMPLEXITY LEVEL: Easy ✈ MATERIALS: Origami Paper ✈ FREE letter size template : ✈ FOLDING ADVICE: You need to fold the plane accurately in order to have a perfect paper airplane. Also, be creative and adjust the plane if you need to.

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1. DO NOT remake the tutorial. 2. Every of my paper airplanes are original. If I got inspired from some one, I will mention that person on my video description. Also, please, contact me ( with valid evidence) if you believe any of my designs have already existed. I will credit to the inventor or delete the video.

♣ TERM OF USE: Note that All the contents ( Except the music) on the video is copyright to Tri Dang (me). This airplane is only free to fold and play personally. For commercial use, please contact me.

♣ COPYRIGHTS © 2015. Designed by Tri Dang.

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