Boomerang Plane

You have most likely have folded a paper airplane before, so you know they usually fly in a straight line. however the boomerang plane flies in a loop and comes back to you.


-A4 paper

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Step 1: Reference Line

In preparation for the next step, a line in the center is required.

Start with the long side of the paper pointing up, then fold the paper in half, from right to left. Next, unfold.

Step 2: Triangle

Fold the top corners down to the center line, forming two triangles.

Step 3: Weight

This adds weight to the front of the plane so that it will fly further.

Fold the top corner formed by the two triangles down to the point where the two triangle corners meet.

Step 4: Wing Structure

The front of the wings are formed.

Now there are two more corners at the top, fold these two corners down to the triangle corners.

Step 5: Wings

Fold at the center of the plane, then fold the opposite way at about 1''/2cm from the center.

Step 6: Winglets

Winglets allow the plane to be more stable.

Fold the tips of the wing towards the extended wing. Then, unfold to 90 degrees.

Step 7: Done!

It’s completed. It's easier then it looks and it's hours of fun.

Happy making! Tell me in the comments if you made it.

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