Boondoggle/ Lanyard





Introduction: Boondoggle/ Lanyard

Boondoggling is really fun and cheap. You can put them on bags or backpacks.

Step 1: Weaves

I know two weaves you can do. The first is the square weave and the second is the spiral weave. I'll show you both. You can get boondoggle from a store or scout camp. It's flat plastic string stuff.

Step 2: Square Weave

You first have to do the starter knot. Find the middle of each string. you'll want a paperclip or ring in the middle. Follow the pics

Step 3: End

Keep doing that weave over and over till the end to do the swayed weave. The end knot you will want about two inches left to do. Follow the pics. Basically make a loose weave and put each end up through the middle.

Step 4: Spiral Weave

Spiral weave is the same as the square just diagonal. Follow the pics. Take the loops and put them diagonal. End it.

Step 5: Contests

Now just experiment with switching weaves between the lanyard and different colors. I have some glow in the dark ones. Plz vote for the weekend projects contest. Thanks!



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    I use the same weaves with 550 cord, but will definitely have to try your knot method for the end!