Boost Wifi

As you can see this is a wifi router antenna I've lets get started shall we!!

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Step 1:

First if you have an extra/old wifi router antenna I would recommended u use it for this project.mine I've scavenged from an old router I used to use till I decided to upgrade.

Step 2:

First cut the silicone or plastic of the wifi router antenna at the base as u can see I did,I would recommend useing a small wood saw!!!

Step 3:

Take the router plastic of here u will see the antenna. As u can see I've already modded mine!!

Step 4:

Strip the wire a centimeter from the base and solder some red copper wire on it ur gonna want to add about 11inches of the wire.

Step 5:

Find some old pens and take the outsides of them and make an outside chamber for the wire to fit in and hot glue the pen shafts. Together and put it over the wire and hot glue at the base.add some spray paint to give it a professional look!!!

Step 6:

Congrats!!!! now screw it on ur wifi router and experience ur boosted wifi!!!

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    4 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Maybe if you enlarges the length exactly twice, it could improve performance. Otherwise, I doubt it.


    5 years ago on Introduction

    This will actually reduce overall performance. An antenna for 2.4ghz is a coaxial cable with an active center conductor and a braided shield ground. The active portion of the antenna has to be a very specific length to optimize the broadcast pattern This length is determined by the exact wavelength of the frequency being transmitted. By lengthening the active core, you will alter the way the waves are received and sent. You *may* find an increased range, but that will likely be at the expense of speed and available bandwidth.

    Remember that WIFI is a 2 way communication, you need a higher db antenna on both ends (laptop and router (wireless access point)


    5 years ago

    Yeah it really works it gave me an extra 50 ft range!!!


    5 years ago

    Does it really work?
    How much extra range does it give you?