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Introduction: Boost Up Your Career With Creative Resume

About: First time is fun and motivated when saw people around the world creating some great instructables until unconsciously i get infected enjoy to build something that i never learn before.

If we are fresh graduated, or we have been stuck in the present job want to find other company that will more respect with our skills, why not try to apply to the other company that maybe will give more benefit for us.

Let we start to build nice resume and make them enjoy reading our resume

Step 1: List of the Needs

Before we write down to the computer, will be more easy if we write the draft of contents resume in advance, make it sufficient with the related job will be apply

1. Profile : Prepare for the clear and simple photograph, and describe our self in a short paragraph

2. Contact : Mail address, mobile phone number and formal name of email address, sometimes we just ignore little part of our email names, to prevent make a people laugh, we try make a new email name with gentle one

3. Experience : Users not look of how many company already work with, but will look how we work in the job. So we try to write down one or two job that makes interest for the user and describe our duties and responsibilities.

4. Education : Beside formal education we also can add non formal education to show we are enthusiasm learner

5. Skills : Write the skill that needed by company we apply, and be brave to show how expert we are

6. Award : Dont worry if we dont have winning award we can write as participant some competition or just ignore it

7. Interest : This part sometimes become final decision from the users, if the boss have same kind of interest, lucky of you :)

8. Portfolio : We need to promote our-self with the projects has been done, this become a good method to tell them with highlight preview only and short paragraph of description to make it curious things and let them call you to ask "Would you come to our office to describe your project", nicely work :)

We can create more list of needs, but remember everyday users read hundred applicant so don't make them tired

Step 2: Find Template

There is a tons of resume template around search engine, if you have time to build your own template its really cool, but this time im in hurry to catch the time to apply the job, so i choose to find nice simple template from creative market, the example i took from this link And its nicely free so i just download it and inside zip file there is 3 different format of files, so this time i choose ilustrator file and will be import and edit with corel draw

Step 3: Open the File With Corel Draw

There is a lot of vector drawing software, but this time i will use Corel draw on window PC for easy edit and re-arrange the position, so just Left click of the mouse open with corel draw

Step 4: Ungroup the Selection

This is the key to create the file editable : Ungroup with right click of the mouse or simply shortcut is select the object and push Ctrl+U

Step 5: Edit Text

This step is to full fill all text layout replace with own content of text that already we made on paper

Step 6: Power Clip

1. Prepare your nice photo and drag into work area, if photo is too big resize it until the image small

2. Create Circle object following the template with "circle tools"

3. Select Photo and go to Effect tab and go to Power clip, put the arrow into circle object.

4. Now photo is inserted to the circle, if navigation through the picture there is extra tools will appear to modify if necessary

Step 7: Coloring

If we want to edit some element with the other color it will be nice, feel free to color any object on the template.

Tips : if cannot color the object, try to select and delete it sometimes there is some unseen object in from of our selection

Step 8: Portfolio

Open the other file inside the Zip file, there is file portfolio

Just repeat the sequence of step, open and ungroup all , do some power clip to fill the nice picture of your project that make them curious interest

Step 9: Collected All File Into One File and Publish Into PDF

If we have done with page resume and portfolio, now we collected into one file

1. Selecting All paper area on corel draw and cut (Ctrl +X)

2. Go to Next page (Page+) on resume page, Paste (Ctrl+V)

3. And Publish into PDF, go to file and publish into PDF and now inside your pdf file there is two pages of you resume

Step 10: Send It

Many ways to send the resume to the company that we will apply, from conventional mail or trough email or through company website, with pdf file is more easy for us to keep on flash drive or on mobile phone if there any urgency needed we are ready become number one

Conventional Tips : Send through mail, print with high quality on nice paper (minimum 80gr) keep all the paper with nice binder clip and cover with professional envelope

Email Tips : If the file more than one, we can add to zip with nice manage of the title, example :1_Cover letter, 2_Resume, 3_Portfolio and etc dont forget to name the folder with your name, example Lestari Dina Complete Resume.

Learn from the past, if our resume is not respond yet by company maybe our resume is not make them interested, so we can try to re-send it with the different resume and with the simply of cover letter, we can find out in for different template

Elegantly managed file of our resume will attract how respect us to join with company

Send it , wait and pray, Good Luck

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