Boot Foreplay: Vaseline





Introduction: Boot Foreplay: Vaseline

After I'm done cleaning my leather boots, I like to make them extra waterproof by rubbing on a little petroleum jelly(Vaseline). This isn't super important for these boots as the inside has a waterproof liner and really close stitching, but I do it any way so...

Anywhoozle, I have a pair of homemade leather boots and the stitching is nowhere near as tight. Also they have no sole(Mua ha ha!), kinda like moccasins(or squidward). I always add excess jelly to the stitching, just to make sure.

The title? Why yes, I do have the comedic maturity of a 12 year old boy.

Step 1: Finger Painting

So, to start, your going to want to glob a little jelly on the expanses of leather. Then your going to finger that jelly into every nook and cranny of your boots.

Pay special attention to the seams and stitching. Evenly finger that jelly over the parts of the boot. Do not try to do the whole boot at once. Just take your time(it's actually quite soothing...well I enjoy it anyways).

After your done fingering it, it's going to be sticky and wet-looking. I don't like leaving them like that so I wipe off the excess with a boot rag; in this case, a sock. Make sure there's no shine left and that's pretty much it.

Step 2: Now They're Ready

Well, that's all folks. Whether you like to play rough or gentle, these boots are ready.

Of course this is only one of the many steps to Boot Foreplay. The kind and extent of foreplay required for your boots will vary from boot to boot. Remember, every boot is different and you should take the time to learn how to get your boot ready before play.

Ok the 12 year old inside of me is done now. Inside...well not like...damn it Timmy! We're done ok...ok:(



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    that's why I use the X-Large latex gloves that I steal from my Dr's office when i visit him Make me wait a half hour every time I show up after asking me to show up 15 minutes early then have the audacity to charge me a..25 dollar co-pay for a 10-minute visit ... When the no working food stamps using refugee, scum bag junkie gets it all for free ? Lucky that's all I take !

    The Shared experience of my father, stepfather, uncles, grandfathers, which has been passed down to me.

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    Really? That's interesting. I wouldn't want to mess up my boots. So what happens after prolonged application of petroleum jelly?

    Vaseline is ok for seams but not great for leather with repeated use

    Well SYNer, I did a Google search and can't find anything bad about using petroleum jelly on leather...I will have to remember that in the future. Sorry to have commented without first knowing the facts...shame on me. My apologies.

    Would you like to give me a reason not to use Vaseline?

    Great title! Made me laugh out loud.

    Actually, just did some research and its been used on leather for quite a while.

    What's the worst that could happen? I've been doing this to my boots for a while and they don't seem to mind.

    Perhaps it is, but I am very cheap and very lazy. I have a large amount of petroleum jelly and I don't feel like going to the store to buy mink oil.