Booze Flex: Collapsable Booze Container

Introduction: Booze Flex: Collapsable Booze Container

What You'll Need:
-Corrugated plastic yard signs (2)
-Larger utility blade
-X-acto knife
-Elastic hair bands (4)
-Twine (approx. 4 feet)
-Duct tape (approx. 4 feet)
-Velcro strips (approx. 16 inches )
-Needlenose pliers
-Spray adhesive
-Electric drill with 1/8 inch bit OR a Dremmel tool with drill bit attachment

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Step 1: Cut the Walls

It is necessary for strength to double up the walls
and bottom with the sign material. Measure out the four side pieces at 6x9 i n. each. When you measure out the first section, ensure the next section cut out has the line running the opposite direction. Example- if the first piece cut has lines running horizontal, cut your next section running vertical. This helps with strength and rigidity within the piece.

Step 2: Cut the Base

After the side pieces are cut out, cut out the bottom base section at 9x9 in.

Step 3: Stick Your Walls Together!

Glue all pieces to their matching counterparts. You will start with 10 pieces and end with 5.

Step 4: Flush Your Walls

Now lay one wall down and measure a 6 inch corner to the opposite side down 3 1/16 inches. On another wall piece measure the same increments but start at the OPPOSITE site of the piece. You want both pieces to be able to fit together flush on top of the base piece. Keep these pieces together.

Step 5: Make Holes for Your Velcro

Measure out the slits for the Velcro straps to fit through. From the high point of the wall pieces, measure 3 ½ inches from the top . From the low point measure ½ inch from the top. The length and thickness of the slit you will need to cut with your razor blade is determined by the length and thickness of your velcro. So be sure to measure that.

Step 6: Measure and Cut Elastic Band Holes

Take the two wall piece and starting from the lowest corner of the slanted piece, measure directly across to the other side. Mark 4 holes, 2 in. apart, starting ¾ inches from the cut Velcro loop section. Use the 1/8 drill bit to drill holes which will later hold the elastic hair bands.

Step 7: Tape It All Together

To duct tape the sides of the walls onto the base you need to do it in two separate sections. The first section is the top pieces, which will hold the hair bands and the two handle sections. These two pieces will fold down on the top section, and the other two pieces will fold backwards and be kept on the bottom of the base piece. This allows for the flattest possible way to store the Booze Flex. Top sections- Hold a wall piece to where the flat bottom edge sits barely resting upon the edge of the base piece. Then take a 6 in. piece of duct tape and center it on the inside section of the two piece, giving even area of duct tape to both the base and wall pieces. Then allow the piece to fold down and take another piece of duct tape place on the opposite outside edge, once again giving even duct tape to both pieces. When both pieces are connected, a hinge has been created. Repeat these same steps again on the remaining top piece. Bottom sections- Reverse the order in which you tape the wall pieces. Laying them on the bottom and taping what will become the inner portion of the hinge, then folding them upright, in the position where they will be used, and taping once again. Repeat for the remaining, and final, piece.

Step 8: Attach the Velcro

Cut Velcro bands to 4 in. pieces and slide them through each cut sections of the corners in each wall piece. Wrap the elastic band around itself to secure. Repeat for the remaining 3 sections.

Step 9: Attach Your Elastics: Part One

Take your hair bands and cut then at any point to create one long piece. Thread this piece through 2 neighboring holes drilled on a wall piece. Thread across the base and through 2 more matching, also neighboring holes. Tie a square knot in the hair band to secure. Repeat 2 more times, utilizing all remaining holes.

Step 10: Attach Your Elastics: Part Two

Take your last hair band and cut it in half. Start at a drilled hole. Either hole #1 or #4. Pull it through the hole and tie a knot in the end. Thread the elastic band to the opposite side corner from where you started.

Ex: if you started at hole #1, thread across to hole #4 on the opposite wall. Repeat with the last portion of band but switch holes you thread through. You want to create an ‘X’ across the bands.

Step 11: Make a Handle

Take the twin and cut out two, 2 foot sections. To give the handle a little thickness, we braided ours together using 3 sections instead of two. Leave 4 in. at the end of each braid and thread one end thr ough the #1 drilled hole and knot on the inside of your Booze Flex, then repeat through the other through drilled hole #4. This will make a looped handle. Repeat on the opposite side. Make sure to cut off the excess string after tying the knots on the inside. The handles can then be held simultaneously to support your Booze Flex!

Step 12: Add Handle Holders (Optional Step)

If you prefer, you may add a little nubbin of material, such as the wood pictured above, so that your handles may wrap around and secure the handles and allow the Booze Flex to remain completely flat and closed for travel.

Step 13: Break Down and Secure

To break down the Booze Flex, simply remove the Velcro and fold the top down that will contain the elastic bands. Then fold the bottom sections underneath, pull your handles around and secure on nubbins, and your flattened Booze Flex will be ready to store.

Happy Boozing!

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    2 Discussions


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Looks great! Thanks for sharing. What size of bottles is it meant to carry?


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Hi amberrayh!
    It is meant to hold a variety of bottles, even wine bottles! It is set to hold nine beer bottles, which is more than the average beer container (holds six), or a mix/match of sizes, like beer and wine, etc.
    Hope that helps! :)