Bordered Single Cross Loom Bracelet



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Hello today I'm gonna make a bordered Single cross bracelet

Step 1: What Do You Need

We need a rainbow loom any hook and many rubber bands

Step 2: Making the Border

Make the border on the perimeter of the loom like pic 1 I'm making it blue

Step 3: Step 2

Take a different color rubber band example like pink and put It on the middle pegs from down to up all of them

Step 4: Making Starbursts

So make Starbursts like in a starburst bracelet if you don't know then stretch a different color band from the the first left peg to the second right peg like pic one and do the same with right to keft

Step 5: Cap Bands

Make cap bands and put them on all the middle pegs of the loom till up


Turn your loom around then loop all the pink bands to the next peg like pic one and the loop all the crosses

Step 7: Looping the Perimeter

After looping all the crosses loop all your blue rubber bands well that's for me sure

Step 8: Taking It Off

Take off the half band and then make a normal straight band take it on your size then take it off like pic one

Step 9: Last

Then attach it to the band gently and your done

Step 10: THANK YOU




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