Bordering an Embroidery With Bias Tape




Introduction: Bordering an Embroidery With Bias Tape

Due to some mad  inspiration gained from Instructable authors (as well as the pressure of gift-giving season) I have found a knack for embroidering. The one on this Instructable was a gift for my sister because she loves Florence & the Machine. Once I am finished with the embroidery,  I am stumped on how to finish the border. Luckily, while I was stumbling around the fabric store I came across bias tape. It is an easy way to make your wall hanging looked finished without resorting to an outdated frame.

What you'll need:
-your embroidery
-embroidery needle
-embroidery floss
-a bunch of fabric pins
-single fold wide bias tape (aka quilting bias tape)
-extra time!

1. Unfold your bias tape and fit the edge of your embroidery snuggly within the bias tape. The bias tape should look the same on the front as well as the back of your embroidery. *Considering the back of your embroidery: When embroidering on the loom I put some interfacing behind it to give it extra support. Once finished, I cut out an exact square from my fabric and fix it to the back of the embroidery so the interfacing is not exposed.
2. Pin the bias tape onto the all edges of the embroidery
3. Miter the corners (However I did not know how to do this at the time, I simply cut it) I suggest searching a quilting Instructable if you aren't familiar with this technique.
4. Using a sharp embroidery needle, begin to backstitch along the edge of the entire embroidery. Try watching a movie or listening to a book on tape while doing this because it was quite time consuming.  See, embroidering is F-U-N
5. Once finished, tie it off and voila!
6. There are plenty of fun ways to hang the embroidery decoration, I hope to post some of my ideas!

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