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Introduction: Borderlands Psycho Mask

About: ...))) //(•.•) Kurz reingucken, .(,)" ) ...((( //(•.•) Guten Morgen wünschen ..( " ) ...((( //(•.•) und wieder weg .( "(,)

Here ill show you a quick Instruction to Build a Psycho Maske out of Paper.

Step 1: Pepakura'n Stuff

First, you need the "Pepakura Viewer"
You can download it on the Original Site:

Then go to this Site and Download the .pdo Pepakura from "botman" and open it.
(At this Point, Thanks to Botman)

Step 2: Printing and Cutting

Now print it on heavyweight Paper (it will make your Mask stronger against Mother Nature)

Now THIS is time consuming.
Cut every Piece out.

Be gentle.

Step 3: Glue It! (Pepakura Viewer Helps How)

Know you need to Glue the Right Part to its Counterpart.
Open Pepakura Viewer and .pdo again.

If you go over it, a Red Line will show where you need to glue this Part.

This Screenshot should say more then needed...

Step 4: Finish Him!

Just Glue and Glue and Glue it :)
It takes his Final Form! O:

I recommend making little Holes in the Eye Part to see trough it :)
(Botman says the same :D)

Step 5: BE PSYCHO!

Last step:




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    8 Discussions

    "Then go to this site to download the .pdo"

    What site are you talking about. I've searched everything I could relating to this project, and can't find anything. Could you please give me the site's URL or a download link. Thanks.

    I used a nylon strap from Walmart, and a clip for it. That there is just the pepakura. I've got to find some lenses and of course some fiberglass matting (I'm always out when I need it, haha!)

    14, 11:50 PM.jpg
    2 replies

    Loving it! Though, I might add on fiberglass and tinted lenses might work out on the eyes. I'm indecisive cause it already looks excellent and I'm too scared I'll mess it up, haha!

    2 replies

    And dont worry, do whatever you want, cause if you would wear it too long, it could fall apart because of your breath.
    Its just going wet :/

    Can I See a Picture oft your Work?

    Btw. forgot to mention.
    Just use a Rubberband to Hold it on ur Face.
    You can use a Beltstrap or whatever you like too :)