Bored Box/bored Jar

Introduction: Bored Box/bored Jar

I am going to be showing you how to make a I'm bored bored box, inspired by one of my friends called Alice who made a I'm bored jar. The purpose of the I'm bored box is that it gives you ideas and activities to do that would help your imagination run wild.

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Step 1: The Items You Will Need:

Paint/wrapping paper
Paint brush (optional)
Colouring pens/pencils

Step 2: Beginning

In these easy steps I am going to show you how to make a bored box but you could make a bored jar and use your imagination to make it different to mine, send a pic of your finished result.

Once you have got your box/jar we can begin; you would probably want a small box but it depends on how many ideas you can going to put in the box. In the picture I have got a small maltesers box.

Step 3: Painting Your Box/wrapping Your Box

For this step you could either wrap the box with your favourite wrapping paper and then cutting a entrance to the bored jar ideas with scissors or paint the bored box; I am going to paint my bored box.

Step 4: Adding Glitter

This is optional but it definitely makes the box sparkle; if you have wrapped the box then you can get some glue and add glitter; if you have painted the box then before the paint drys you can sprinkle glitter on it so it saves you using glue.

Step 5: Extra Detail

Wait till the glue/paint drys on your box and then you can cut out a shape and label it calling it the "I'm bored box" and printing or drawing pictures of anything colourful of your choice and stick it on with glue to make the box stand out!

Step 6: Adding the Ideas

Come up with a list of ideas you could use to put in the box and then write them down on card and cut them up the ideas you could use could include sentence starters to make a short story, exercise routines, rainy day activities, writing prompts etc.

Some ideas are in the pictures for this step.

Step 7: The Finished Result

Now you have finished making your "I'm bored box/jar" I hope you have fun using it.

Send me pics of your finished results on the comments below, and if you have any questions feel free to ask.

Thank you for making this instructable.

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    3 years ago

    This is a great idea & can be made for any age. When my boys were little we drove 12 hours to great Gramma's house every year. I packed 2 "bags of tricks" since the boys are 5 years apart. I had snacks, toys, crafts, games, surprises (about 2 per hour). I even had balls & Frisbees for running off energy at rest areas. Their dad didn't like being in the passenger seat. He said it was too much work! Haha Keeping kids & adults' minds busy isn't too difficult when you are prepared! Thank you for sharing your idea!