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The top 10 cool stuff you might want to do or make this year.  It's easy, fun and crazy.  You will enjoy the devices and be empowered to do more! 

10. Ping Pong Bazooka
9. EL Wire Superhero Suit
8. Augmented Reality with Pop-Up Box
7. Lightsaber FX with Pocket Blaster
6. Ultimate Pocket Blaster Music System
5. Plasma Staff - Gandalf's Super Staff
4. Mini-Rocket Missile Launcher
3. Pyro Missile Glove
2. Wheelbarrow Express
1. DIY Google Glasses

More Top 10 Cool Things To Do. Coming Soon!



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    I bet I can make numbers 10, 4, and 3... with any expensive parts or soldering. Future instructables?