Boredom Survival Kit

Introduction: Boredom Survival Kit

Step 1: The Stuff

You need a small box, Captain America's shield, a magnifying glass, dice, lightsaber, marble, mini flashlight, pawn (chess), rubber band and paperclip!

Step 2: Open the Box

Open the box.

Step 3: Start Putting Stuff In

Put the stiff in the box!!!

Step 4: Close the Box

Close the box.

Step 5: You Are Done

There you go! Now you have your own boredom survival kit!



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    3 Discussions

    There's a certain Zen quality to this instructable. I was a little puzzled by the typo, but ultimately it's a good boredom set.

    2 replies

    I think stubbsonic meant the "Put the stiff in the box!!!" part in step 3 :)