This skateboard is very simple, because I am also very simple.

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Step 1: First,make a Board

whole:Lengths: 180; Width: 40; High: 2.

White part of the panel: Width: 10,Length:45

Step 2: Then,make a Wheel

l (Left 1) x 4: Length 0.8; Width 0.3; High


l Medium: Length: 4;

l Right: Outer diameter: 8; Width: 5; Inner diameter: 6

Step 3: Third, Let the Wheel Have a Place to Turn, Such As This

l Left column (large): Radius: 4, Width: 6

l Left red: Length: 1, Width: 2, H:6

l Right red: Length: 1, Width: 4, H:8

l Right column: Radius: 2, Width: 30

Step 4: Wheels Combined With Axles

Step 5: Make a Support

l Left 1: High: 6, Length: 10

l Left 2: Length: 8, H:5

l Left 3: Length: 10, High: 4.5

l Left 4: Length and width: 12

Step 6: The Bracket Is Combined With the Axle

Step 7: That's All

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