Bosch GSR1440 Cordless Drill Motor Repair




Hello, i repaired my cordless drill and like to share it.

In my case the motor got broken, i took it out and tested it on 12 volt car battery.

and smoke came out of the motor, so it was very clear.

Order a new motor, i found mine on ebay

I did order 14.4 volt type but there is a stamp on the new motor which shows 16.6v

But it works fine and very strong!

I needed tho swap the toothgear

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Step 1: Removing Old Toothgear From the Old Motor

I lifted the toothgear from the old motor with a sidecutter.


Step 2: Cutting New Toothgear From New Motor.

I cutted the new toothgear from the new motor because lifting can damage the new motor

Step 3: Putting the Old Toothgear on the New Motor.

Putting the old toothgear on the new motor with a hammer

and let the bottom of the motorshaft rest on a vise.

Be carefull!!

Step 4: Solder

Solder the motor and put the drill back together, your done!!

Happy drilling!!

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