Boston Baked Bean Pie




Introduction: Boston Baked Bean Pie

As i was making my last instructable "Hot Dog and Baked Bean Soup" I was thinking back to when i was a kid.  Well for some reason on Hot Dog and Beans night one can wasn't enough but two cans was two much so there was always leftovers.  And as the tale goes the next day when looking for lunch someone offered that there is leftover beans.  Someone els asked what are we going to do them.  Well you could make a cold bean sandwich was the reply.  That started the hole who's going to get the cold bean sandwich day after hot dog night question after every hot dog night.  Well that got me thinking bread (mostly pita pockets when we had them) and filling.   That's like pie. And the whole Boston Baked Bean Pie was born.   Did i mention that I live in New England home to bake beans and currently live in Worcester home of table talk pie.  I'm thinking i could sell them on the Idea or maybe the Bush dog might be interested.

Step 1: Stuff


    2c Flour
    2/3c Shortning
    6 to 7 Tablespoons ice water


    Your favorite Baked Beans*

*By law Boston Baked Beans cannot contain any tomato.  

Step 2: The Crust

Most of these pie recipes skip over the crust or use pre-made but its easy just follow the pictures.

Add flour and shortening.  Cut with two knives until the clumps are the size of bb.

Add water one table spoon at a time until it forms a ball

Step 3: Big Pie Little Pie Folded Pie Tart

I wasn't sure what these should be Lunch, Snack, or breakfast?

I also wasn't about what size this should be. A large pie would be good with a meal.  Small pies would make a good lunch.  Smaller would make a good snack.  Ravioli size would make a good party bite.

I couldn't find the right size (table talk size) so i used a muffin tin and tried the red ravioli maker that has sat unused since i bought it a home show.  

Step 4: The Filling

That would be the beans.  So many choices i can't focus should have brought the glasses.  

Step 5: The Red Thing

I used this once since i bought it its messy and i should have wet the edge of the crust so it will stick better.

Step 6: Stick It in the Oven and Mark It With a "B" for Beans and Me

About 20min at 350until the crust is brown (the beans are already cooked)

Step 7: Enjoy

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