BotBoard: a Robotic Auto Playing Chessboard

For the Autodesk Design for Robotics Challenge I have designed a Robotic Chess Board that makes it feel like you're playing a ghost. While brainstorming ideas for this contest, I had to imagine what would be in a regular home of 2025. I then thought to myself what would people do for recreational purposes in this time period at home? That's how I got the idea of this automated chess board. So I started designing on Fusion 360 and after many iterations and ideas, I finally came to this design. I like to compare the board to a 3D printer but the extruder is an electromagnet that moves the chess pieces around. On the board, there are axis's that the magnet travels on. The board can tell where the pieces are because there is a magnetic sensor correlated to each square on the bottom. There is a touchscreen LCD control panel on the board for the player to "talk" to the board. Basically to end your turn or to be notified when it's your turn. Three buttons are located on the left of this screen. The green is level 1, yellow is level 2 and red is level 3. I have made multiple renders on fusion 360 and an STL file that is available for download. I had a great time making this and hope to keep improving and working on my CAD skills.



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