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Intro: Botanism - KNEX Ball Machine

This is a little something I decided to add to my modified arm lift. Instructions for lift:
This ball machine features 1 lift, 4 paths, and bezempje95's path separator. (I modified it.)


Step 1: The Bottom & Network

This is where the balls will land on and then head to the dispenser to be lifted up to the top.

Step 2: Path Separator

This is bezempje95's path separator I built with the help of Knextreme's ball machine element guide. I modified it so it can work with the black & white balls. I also modified it so that the path separator has four paths rather than five for those who want to build this with small ball machines.

Step 3: Path 1

This path includes my new type of curve pathing but needs supports as shown.

Step 4: Path 2

This path features a new type of a basket that catches flying balls. Mine works with the ball safely landing on a red-ball dropper.

Step 5: Path 3

Not much good about this path, I built this path so poorly because this was my last path I constructed and I wanted to rush.

Step 6: Path 4

This path is my personal favorite. I call it "the triggering path." The element at the beginning of this path runs on a rod then slips off the right side. Also featured is 95martb's Horizontal Arm Lift I modified that when it rises, a rod on the back will push the ball on path 1 forward from its position.



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    2 years ago

    That's awesome! now you should show us how to make it