Botched DIY

Intro: Botched DIY

Many people are into DIY/do it yourself home projects. They get the sense of accomplishing something in their own home, and also the pride that goes with it. And they also can save themselves some money as opposed to having someone come in and do the job.

Many of the jobs we like to DIY are easy enough, things like painting, wall papering, and some general repairs are easy and don't require much skill, or tools.

It is when you get into the “big jobs” that things can get interesting.

Certain jobs that require plumbing skills or electrical knowledge could be better left to the professionals.

Research by Lloyds Bank showed that in 2014, 44% of home owners completed “significant” home improvements in the past or are planning to in the future.

Of these DIY's that were carried out, 1 in 10 had the project go wrong, with the average cost to repair the damage costing £3,200.

Botched DIY projects can end up adding a sizeable additional expense to the project. In some instances doubling the cost of the project.

The Mortgage Director at Lloyds Bank, Marc Page stated, “Most homeowners will dabble with home improvements at some stage, whether it’s a DIY project or a major construction. What’s important is to ensure the job is done to a high standard as botched job can be quite costly to rectify. Although the reasons for home improvements may differ from person to person, making a house a home is a key motivator.”

Another aspect to consider before doing any major DIY jobs, is your home insurance. Check your insurance policy or contact your insurer to see if the policy will cover accidental breakage, especially to sinks, bath tubs, flooring, and windows.

Also, once your DIY project has been completed, you may need to re-evaluate the insurance coverage you currently have on the property. If the project added significant value to the home, you'll want to be sure you have enough insurance coverage in place.

So while DIY projects in and around the home can be rewarding, we also need to stay within our limitations and watch out for accidents, and accidental damages.

If you would like to read in more depth about pros and cons of a DIY renovation of your home, you must read this thought provoking article. The article was originally published on Buddy Loans blog a while ago and went viral because of the nature of its well researched content.



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